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The 2019 Tour de Rocks was our biggest event so far.  It was a huge success.

Thanks to the supporters, riders, and everyone else who came out to cheer and help out.

So, what were the numbers behind the ride.

There were 491 registered participants, with 384 people on bikes and 107 people making sure everything ran smoothly.

There were:
    315 adult riders (64%)
    103 adult supporters (21%)
    50 student riders (10%)
    4 student supporters (1%)
    19 Primary kids (4%)

The youngest riders were 7 (from the Coastal Cruisers), and the youngest supporter was 15 (from Superair). The oldest female rider was 72 (Kaye Becker with the Faircloth & Reynolds Team) and the oldest male riders were 76 (Philip Jones with the Faircloth & Reynolds Team, and Phillip Bookallil with the Hospedallers team), who were also the oldest riders for the past two years!

The oldest female supporter was 72 (June Ross) and the oldest male supporter was 75 (Elton Squires).  50% of the participants are between 41 and 60 years old.

25% of the riders were female, and 75% were male. 54% of the supporters were female and 46% were male. There were:
    96 female riders (20%)
    58 female supporters (12%)
    288 male riders (58%)
    49 male supporters (10%)

There were 280 participants from Armidale (57%), and  the next 5 highest regions were:
    Central Coast with 57 participants (12%)
    Coffs Harbour with 35 participants (7%)
    South West Rocks with 17 participants (3%)

    Greater Sydney with 14 participants (3%)

    Port Macquarie and Inverell with 12 participants each (2%)

There were 8 participants from out of state (1.6% of all participants). 


Thank you again to everyone who participated!  I hope to see you again next year!

2019 - Our Biggest Event Ever !!!!
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