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CAN Assist Dubbo $8,000 Appropriation

CAN Assist in Dubbo has received a very generous $8,000 donation from the Tour de Rocks fundraising group.

    Tour de Rocks' vision is to "engage and inspire our communities to work together to make a difference in the fight against cancer".

    This latest donation will help several families struggling financially and bring comfort knowing they have accommodation and transport looked after, while receiving the best treatment locally.

    Tour de Rocks raised the money with support from the Wellington community including multiple donations, raffle days and ticket sales.

    They held a bike ride from Armidale to South West Rocks, covering 270km in just three days with a support group of 450 people.

    Both Tour de Rocks and Can Assist would like to say thank you everyone who donated and continue to support.

CAN Assist Dubbo Photo 20190107.jpg

Another great group - CAN Assist Dubbo has received an appropriation from Tour de Rocks. Here is an extract from the article, written by Sophia Rouse, that appeared in the Dubbo Photo News. (Thanks to Dubbo Photo News for the photo.)

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