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Thank you everyone for being involved in the 2018 Tour de Rocks.  It was a huge success.

Thanks to the supporters, riders, and everyone else who came out to cheer and help out.

Here are a few interesting statistics from the ride.

There were 391 registered participants, with 306 people on bikes and 85 people making sure everything ran smoothly.

There were:
    261 adult riders (67%)
    79 adult supporters (20%)
    36 student riders (9%)
    6 student supporters (2%)
    9 Primary kids (2%)


The youngest rider was 5, and the youngest supporter was 13, both were with the Coastal Cruisers. The oldest female rider was 65 (Rayner Janzen with the Faircloth & Reynolds Team) and the oldest male reiders were 75 (Philip Jones with the Faircloth & Reynolds Team, and Phillip Bookallil with the Hospedallers team), who were also the oldest riders last year!

The oldest female supporter was 58 (Frances McDonald) and the oldest male supporter was 76 (Allen Reed).  56% of the participants are between 41 and 60 years old, with 54 being the most common age (23 participants, 6%).

21% of the riders were female, and 79% were male. 44% of the supporters were female and 56% were male. There were:
    63 female riders (17%)
    37 female supporters (10%)
    234 male riders (61%)
    48 male supporters (13%)

There were 184 participants from Armidale (47.1%), and  the next 5 highest regions were:
    Greater Sydney with 31 participants (7.9%)
    Coffs Harbour and Guyra, each with 22 participants (5.6% each)
    Central Coast with 15 participants (3.8%)
    South West Rocks with 12 participants (3.1%)
    Tamworth with 6 participants (1.5%)


There were 10 participants from out of state (2.6% of all participants), all but one of which were riders (including 2 kids under ten), and 1 supporter from Queensland. 


2014 is still the largest ride to date with 422 registered participants, followed by 2017 with 385 registered participants, 2016 with 372 registered participants, and 2015 with 323 registered participants.


Thank you again to everyone who participated!  I hope to see you again next year!

Thanks for a Great 2018 Tour de Rocks!
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